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About Matt Fagerness, Creator of Mobile Home Money Maker

Matt began his career as an actual college professor in the early 2000’s, and by his own admission, was moving along a career path that others around him thought was just great.

Something didn’t seem right, even though he tried to convince himself otherwise. After all, he had invested the better part of a decade going to school for this career, and wanted to see a “return” for his investment of time. He was making decent money but after year of graduate school, had virtually no money in the bank.

On the day he was first exposed to real estate investment, it changed his life. He saw a future that held promise and that, more importantly, was only limited by his own drive and goals. For the first few years, he invested in single family properties and had great success, achieving financial independence as an investor.

It was through an unforeseen set of circumstances that Matt became who he is today as an investor. When Matt went through a divorce in 2006, he was left with a limited real estate portfolio, damaged credit, and a battered feeling of self worth.

He could have given up, and gone back to working for someone (as many around him thought he should), but that was not ever an option for Matt. It was then that he discovered mobile homes, when his cash and credit were as limiting as they had ever been. In mobile homes, he found a business that he truly enjoyed and something even more important, significant investment cash flow.

Today, four short years later, he has built multiple businesses and has amassed hundreds of mobile home units around the country. He is living life the way he wants want to live it, is able to invest anywhere in the country, and enjoys a lifestyle he would have never thought possible even a few years ago!

Matt’s philosophy that he brings to Mobile Home Money Maker is very simple. He has not only successfully invested in mobile homes, but he has also learned and practiced what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur with any business.

It is this combination that makes the Mobile Home Money Maker system simple, yet so unique. It is more than just investing in little ATMs. Mobile homes represent a world-class choice for a business pursuit and when you approach them like a business, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Click here to learn more and prepare yourself for a one of a kind mentoring experience!